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Discover four options to get the most out of your system

Option 1

Definite Focus.2

Changing conditions such as room temperature influence the microscope as well as the sample carrier and can cause focus drift. Definite Focus.2 compensates for this drift and keeps your samples in focus.

★ FOR: ZEISS Axio Observer ★

  • Precisely maintain distance between objective and coverslip
  • High-Speed stabilization mode enabling sample stabilization at live speed
  • Multi-Position & Multi-Offset compatibility for complex 6D image acquisition
  • Configure experiments easily using ZEN
  • Works with a wide range of objectives
  • Enhanced setting speed, travel range, robustness and compatibility
Definite Focus.2 keeps your samples in focus

Option 2

Autocorr Objectives

To image subcellular structures you need objectives with a high numerical aperture. But the resulting wide opening angle makes them especially susceptible to spherical aberrations caused by different refractive indices and interfaces in both the optical system and the sample. With Autocorr you simply adjust the optics of your microscope to your sample. Expect crisp contrast even deep inside in your specimen. And much more efficient fluorescence detection. You will get better data while less excitation intensity will improve the viability of you samples.

★ FOR: ZEISS Axio Observer ★

Autocorr Objectives

  • Crisp contrast even deep inside the specimen
  • Improved fluorescence detection lowers required excitation intensity
  • Easy to adjust via ZEN software
  • Perfect match for 3D imaging in life science
  • Make use of correction objectives in hard to reach microscope setups, e.g. incubation

Option 3


Create optical sections of your fluorescent samples – free of scattered light. With structured illumination, you know that only the focal plane appears in your image: Apotome.2 recognizes the magnification and moves the appropriate grid into the beampath. The system then calculates your optical section from three images with different grid positions without time lag. It’s a totally reliable way to prevent scattered out-of-focus light, even in your thicker specimens. Operate your system just as easy as always. You get images with high contrast in the best possible resolution – simply brilliant optical sections.

★ FOR: ZEISS Axio Observer, ZEISS Axio Imager ★

  • Low cost, robust optical sectioning with structured illumination
  • Easy to use and learn
  • Three grids included to optimally match a variety of objectives 
  • No lasers to maintain - compatible with LED and white light sources
  • Choose sCMOS and CCD cameras
  • Compatible on a variety of ZEISS stands including inverted, upright and zoom microscopes

Option 4

Colibri 7

Fluorescence microscopy calls for a lightsource that produces just the right wavelength and enough intensity to excite the fluorescent dyes and proteins in your samples.That makes Colibri 7 with its fast LED illumination system the perfect choice for all your fluorescence imaging. Cross-stimulation is reduced while the contrast and SNR of your images is increased. With no more unwanted UV or IR leakage, bleaching of your samples is minimized.

★ FOR: ZEISS Axio Observer, ZEISS Axio Imager, ZEISS Axioscope, ZEISS Axioplan ★

LED light source Colibri 7
  • LEDs guarantee a lifespan of 20.000 hours of operation, whereas the HXP 120 light lasts only 2.000 hours – lower total cost of ownership!
  • Consistent: Automatic instrument calibration to guarantee reproducible output power for each line
  • The brightness control can be adjusted by 1% steps starting from zero to 100%
  • LEDs are only switched on during sample illumination – no aging withthin the stand-by-mode
  • Flexible: Up to seven pre-configured excitation wavelengths in four different variants
  • Ready to go: No need to install, configure and select beam combiners, filters or LEDs
  • Easy to use: Full control via stand´s TFT

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